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A select group of aviation enthusiast have chosen plane ownership in a very elite sector of historical aircraft called Warbirds. The planes flown are majestic symbols of a bygone era – preserved through the owner’s passion to share the best examples of vintage military aircraft.

Warbird owners are pretty particular when it comes to the maintenance of their treasured possession. At Kubick Aviation Services, we understand the importance of having proper training, real life experience and heartfelt passion in touch with the aircraft you’ve worked very hard to bring an extended life.

Tye Halvas – Warbird Technician

When Kubick Aviation Services acquired the talents of Tye Halvas on the aviation service team as a top-shelf maintenance technician, we knew we had someone (and something) very special to share. Tye brings great pedigree as one of the Mid West’s best Warbird preservation experts.

This claim is supported through his hard work, dedication and being recognized for his contributions on award-winning Warbird restorations at EAA in Oshkosh.

It’s increasingly common to see Tye wrapped up in conversation with other Warbird enthusiasts at aviation shows – which typically leads to his sleeves being rolled up and him diving into another iconic conservancy – providing a very welcome and trusted result for countless Warbird owners from all points across our nation.

When we asked Tye which of the Warbirds was his favorite to work on, he replied, “I like them all, but the P51 Mustang and T-6 are definite favorites.”

His hands-on experience extends much further, though. Add to these two classic beauties the Grumman TBM; Stearman; and the Grumman Goose.

Tye is a highly skilled in radial and V-engines found in Warbirds. He has completed extensive training and brings years of knowledge as Director of Maintenance prior to landing with us at Kubick. Another talent Tye brings is aircraft fabric restoration and repair. A great example is the Champion 7GCB shown which included a complete restoration of the exterior skin as well as interior fabric repairs.

If you have a float plane or have been thinking about getting one, Tye is your guy! Having worked on Cessna 180, 182, and 185 float installations, repairs and aircraft modifications, there isn’t much he hasn’t seen and provided a solution for.

Feel free to reach out to Tye with your vintage aircraft, fabric and/or float plane questions and welcome him to Kubick Aviation Services. We’re certain you’ll find his willingness (let alone enthusiasm) helpful and valuable for your historically preserved treasure as well as any other aviation needs. Who knows, perhaps your next mission will be to drop in at Kubick Aviation Services for a touch of Tye’s experience and passion. Let’s talk!