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Pre-Purchase Inspections

John Miller
Pre-Purchase Inspector

1973-1982  – A&P Mechanic for 145 Repair Station, 135 Operator and Cessna Dealer
1982-1990 – Promoted to Supervisor of Maintenance for 145 Repair Station & Dir. of Maintenance for 135 Operations.  Provided oversight/scheduling for 6 A&P mechanics.
1990 – 2004 – Supervisor for 145 Repair Station & Director of Maintenance for 135 operations.. Provided oversight/scheduling for 3 A&P mechanics for 145/Provided oversight/scheduling for 25 A&P mechanics maintaining fleet of Cessna 402Bs, 402Cs, 404s, 421s, 208s and Fairchild Metros.
2004 – 2014 – Founded and operated John Miller Aviation, a Cessna approved Service Facility with concentration in Piper Malibu’s, Cessna 172s, 182s, 210s, 310s, 421s and 441s.
2014 – Present – Kubick Aviation specializing in Piper Malibu’s and entire Cessna line.

When you decide to purchase an aircraft, you’ll want a trusted adviser on your side.  It’s a huge investment and making the right aircraft decision is paramount!

The history of an aircraft is best exposed through thorough research and having someone with a strong background of aircraft mechanical knowledge.  We invite you to consider the pre-purchase inspection process with the assistance of our John Miller. John brings extensive aircraft maintenance, log book research capabilities, along with aircraft audit work spanning the past 3 decades – an integral part of the pre-purchase inspection process.

John’s aviation credentials cover over 30-years in the industry.  His experience is particularly strong with Piper Malibu’s and all Cessna’s,  including the entire 100 Series, 200 Series, 300 Series and the 400 Series through the Cessna 441 Conquest.

At Kubick Aviation Services, it’s important to us that you have peace of mind in knowing your next aircraft purchase is a sound investment – which can only be verified through the participation of a well-seasoned aircraft inspector.  John’s Pre-Purchase Inspection involvement and expertise includes:

  • gaining a thorough understanding of your aircraft purchase needs
  • helping to identify available aircraft suitable to meet your needs
  • researching an aircraft’s logbooks
  • travel and providing on-site inspection of a potential purchase for an aircraft
  • using our pre-purchase checklist to ensure airworthiness and an optimum return on your investment