Pre-Purchase Inspections


John Miller

Pre-Purchase Inspector

When you decide to purchase an aircraft, you’ll want a trusted adviser on your side.  It’s a huge investment and making the right aircraft decision is paramount! The history of an aircraft is best exposed through thorough research and having someone with a strong background of aircraft mechanical knowledge.  We invite you to consider the pre-purchase inspection process with the assistance of our John Miller. John brings vast experience in aircraft maintenance, log book research capabilities, along with aircraft audit work spanning the past 3 decades – an integral part of the pre-purchase inspection process. His experience is particularly strong with Piper Malibu’s and all Cessna’s, from the 100 Series through the Cessna 441 Conquest.

Our Process

At Kubick Aviation Services, it’s important to us that you have peace of mind in knowing your next aircraft purchase is a sound investment. John’s Pre-Purchase Inspection involvement and expertise includes:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of your aircraft purchasing needs - What your use for the aircraft will be.
  • Helping to identify available aircraft to meet your needs
  • Researching aircraft logbooks
  • Traveling and providing on-site inspection of a potential purchase for an aircraft
  • Using our pre-purchase checklist to ensure airworthiness and a return on your investment

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