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We’ve always believed there is no substitute for excellence. It’s more than an achievement level at Kubick Aviation Services.  It is our team’s motivation. Only good things happen when discipline and culture are molded to the highest expectations.

The result for you is the next level of avionics installation technicians - focused on being responsive, reliable and relentless in their pursuit of providing avionics solutions for your aircraft.

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Avionics Solutions

At Kubick Aviation Services, we provide custom avionics systems using new or used avionics components – designed to meet customer wants, needs and budgets.

At the end of your avionics project, we provide at no additional cost our exceptional one-on-one in-house customer training for every avionics upgrade.

ADS-B Transponder Install

“Kubick Aviation Services installed an Appareo Stratus ESG ADS-B Complaint Transponder and Stratus 3i Receiver in my Beechcraft V-35B. The installation was performed by Kubick’s superior qualified Avionics Technician, Adam. The results of his expertise in a difficult and complex aircraft was astutely performed on schedule. The transponder and receiver performed flawlessly. My aircraft was also detailed before is was released!! This is another feature Kubick Aviation proved it’s customers and makes it a hallmark among repair stations. A job well done!”

Gerald W. McMullen
Spokane, WA

I had an excellent overall experience with Kubick Aviation with the ADS-B installation in my Commanche. I aggressively comparison shopped and the team at Kubick Aviation offered and delivered a very competitive price for the complete job. I’d like to particularly note their ability to actually start and complete the job to the original schedule! Communication from bid response to product deliver and follow-up was outstanding! Everyone was great to deal with at Kubick. Refreshing!”

- Rick Bajema

Thanks to the folks at Kubick Aviation for making it completely painless getting my Cherokee’s ADS-B compliance before the 2020 mandate. I’m a VFR pilot and had no problems rescheduling my installation date due to poor weather. The Kubick team worked tirelessly to complete my installation, configuration and do my FAA verification flight. I would advise anyone to consider Kubick Aviation for any avionics needs. Top notch service and results!”

- Randy Burks

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Let our experience and knowledge go to work for your next avionics package. Our response time is guaranteed within 1 business day of your initial phone call or contact form submission.

Kubick Aviation did an amazing job with my new avionics installation. From my initial conversation, I found recommendations from a helpful and responsive staff - supported with knowledge and experience. This enthusiasm carried over to the installation with a team focused on high quality results. They love what they do! I would highly recommend Kubick Aviation to anyone looking to have work done to their aircraft. I am very pleased with their level of customer service; their high standard of work; and their dedication throughout the project. It truly was an enjoyable experience working with them.”

- Steve Levezow

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